International freight consolidating mississippi

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One hundred tons per mile included the main line and all the side track, incidental uses and waste.Using that method of measurement the Central Pacific railroads 690 miles of track would have been approximately 69,000 (metric tons 2240#) tons of rail.

Some other major uses for lumber: There were many, many wooden trestles, most of them were huge and they required an enormous amount of lumber.I cannot give any estimates on the trestles or the many bridges, some of which wereover a thousandfeet long; and then there was the lining and shoring inside the tunnels.Both railroads constructed hundreds, if not thousandsof buildings, most of them were huge in size, Depots, Warehouses, buildings for housing employees stationed along the lineand the like.I would think that [the above] estimate of approximately 200,000 tons of iron, just for the track, is as close as you will ever get without access to the original records scattered in archives across the country, and then it is doubtful they are even close to being complete.On the matter of engines, there was 159 engines built for the CPRR between 1863 and May 1869 and 152 engines built for the UPRR during the same period.

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