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), is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa.

The Bangwaketse occupied areas to the west, while the Bangwato moved northeast into formerly Bakalanga areas.

These states, located outside of current Botswana's borders, appear to have kept massive cattle herds in what is now the Central District--apparently at numbers approaching modern cattle density.

This massive cattle-raising complex prospered until 1300 AD or so, and seems to have regressed following the collapse of Mapungubwe.

The Bakwena, Bangwaketse, Bangwato and Batawana cooperated to control the lucrative ivory trade, and then used the proceeds to import horses and guns, which in turn enabled them to establish control over what is now Botswana.

This process was largely complete by 1880, and thus the Bushmen, the Bakalanga, the Bakgalagadi, and other current minorities were subjugated by the Batswana.

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