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We have a responsibility to protect the public domain which one day will be theirs.

It would be absurd if access to twenty years of this public domain were to be choked off by a few foreign corporations.

Private investigator Philip Marlowe gets involved in a heady set of intrigues involving a writer, alcohol, Mexico, and, of course, murder.

"The dialogue is as vividly overheated as ever, the plot is clearly constructed and surprisingly resolved, and the book is rich in many sharp glimpses of minor characters and scenes.

She was in an excellent position to do so; she spoke excellent German, and was living in Vienna with her husband, who was in charge of British intelligence in the region.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Dawn (1929) [Novel, set in the aftermath of the great flood described in Deluge.

"The second volume contains much bitter commentary on the corruptions of comfort and civilization and carries forward a Rousseau-esque glorification of Nature and insistence on the fundamentality of the Social Contract.

Copyright in Canada generally lasts until 50 years after the end of the year of the author's death. Les ditions numriques du prsent site vous sont offertes sans frais: elles font partie du domaine public canadien.

"Here is a book which may not be high art but is certainly good entertainment.

Schuyler Miller, Astounding Science Fiction, May 1948)] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Forbidden Area (1956) Wikipedia [Spy novel, set during the Cold War: dark doings involving the penetration of US air force bases in Florida.

"If you have had any experience with the military chain of command, you'll find yourself shackled to this book right to the end." (Floyd C.

There is a death, naturally, the person involved being Mr. Brooks, The Outlook, 17 October 1928)] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Alas, Babylon (1959) Wikipedia [Frank's best known novel.

An atomic war has happened, New York City ("Babylon") has been completely destroyed, but parts of Florida have survived: not Miami, but places like Fort Repose (pop. Life for its residents has not actually returned to what might pass for normal, but not for any lack of trying!

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