Why dating sites are a waste of time

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The odds of me at my age finding a mate, well I have a better chance of being struck by lightening.But people DO get struck by lightening, so why give up?Try to say who you are, put a conversation starter in there.Maybe that one message you get..be the one you are looking the above posters who claim that men have success is true but understand that there are alot more men on these sites to women so think about all the men that miss out due to the number's game.

I would guess that some of the guys that are complaining, have about two lines on their profile. One of the supposed advantages to internet meeting is we actually get to see if we have any common ground.So since the odds are not good for your average Joe should average men even bother with online dating?Did the women you talked to explain, or did you ask, about the CONTENT of those messages, or the PROFILES of the men messaging them?That being said the gender ratio on this site and most dating sites except for eharmony is about 30 percent women and 70 percent men. The baby grows up, the man fades into obscurity, the woman becomes a grandmother and discovers sex is for fun, too. Young men and women are able to imagine romance being about like they want it. The women sit there looking desirable, and the men go for it.People buy lottery tickets and some people actually do win...don't ..ones that don't are wasting time and money, here they're only wasting time.... TNT, the real world is best but if you're the kind of guy who finds it difficult to approach that woman looking for cucumbers at the supermarket you're kinda screwed...here I am...still.... If women wanted men in the same way that men want women, then you would need brigades of chaperons with fire hoses to keep them apart in public, or anywhere. To prevent that, nature gives men the large share of desire and makes women indifferent to men, except as fathers who might as well be husbands, too, if they have a good job.

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