I keep dating the wrong guys

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Something I say a lot is, “Our relationships are our mirrors”.

Our relationships are our greatest teachers, without others to bounce off of we can’t really define ourselves.

Someone that honors your time, your energy, your body, and your emotions.

Even if you don’t feel like it, the truth is you deserve that!

"It's not uncommon for women to keep going back to the type that wronged them in the past." How do you change whom you're drawn to dating?

Many women who had an absentee dad or let the arrogant JV football captain string them along for years will go for men who are unavailable or talk down to them because they're subconsciously trying to resolve things with the guy who let them down earlier in life, says Dunn — even though, clearly, that's not solving anything.

We were shocked when we heard that the first guy Rihanna seriously dated after Chris Brown had been accused of domestic abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

After everything she went through, it would seem as if she'd be repulsed by men with that kind of reputation. "Most of us have a relationship pattern — that same type of guy we keep falling for — and it can work for or against us," says couples therapist Deborah Dunn, author of Stupid About Men.

Particularly when you connect with someone on a romantic level, because you’re likely igniting an intimate connection that requires letting them in on a deeper level.

When you’re showing more vulnerability more triggers are bound to be revealed.

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