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“Having high levels of workforce participation, and allowing maximum access to the workforce for all groups in society brings benefits in itself, and actually produces larger GDP," he said.

"It may have collateral impact on measured productivity performance.” However, disability charities said the Chancellor’s comments were “shocking” and “outdated”.

Appearing in front of the Treasury Select Committee, the Chancellor said: “It is almost certainly the case that by increasing participation in the workforce, including far higher levels of participation by marginal groups and very high levels of engagement in the workforce, for example of disabled people - something we should be extremely proud of - may have had an impact on overall productivity measurements.” He was responding to a question about a 0.1 per cent fall in UK productivity earlier this year.

MPs describe his comments as ”appalling” and “ignorant”, while disability charities called them “shocking” as they accused Mr Hammond of perpetuating “outdated negative stereotypes”.

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We don’t want to send you too much of our mail either of course.Richard Kramer, deputy chief executive of Sense, said: “It is shocking to hear the Chancellor’s comments today, blaming Britain’s fall in economic productivity on working disabled people.Just last week the Government renewed its commitment to increase the amount of disabled people in work, recognising the important role that meaningful employment plays for disabled people and wider society.Almost a quarter of disabled people are still regularly suffering from discrimination, a charity said today.Leonard Cheshire Disability said there were 'shockingly high' levels of discrimination despite the presence of the Disability Discrimination Act.

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