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The President also authorizes American combat troops to conduct patrols to root out Viet Cong in the countryside. There will be six more pauses during the Rolling Thunder bombing campaign, all with same intention. It is young men dying in the fullness of their promise. The term 'search-and-destroy' is used by the media to describe everything from large scale Airmobile troop movements to small patrols rooting out Viet Cong in tiny hamlets.

His decision to allow offensive operations is kept secret from the American press and public for two months. However, each time, the North Vietnamese ignore the peace overtures and instead use the pause to repair air defenses and send more troops and supplies into the South via the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is trying to kill a man that you do not even know well enough to hate...therefore, to know war is to know that there is still madness in this world." - Operation Masher marks the beginning of large-scale U. search-and-destroy operations against Viet Cong and NVA troop encampments. During the 42 day operation in South Vietnam's Bon Son Plain near the coast, troopers of the U. 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) once again fly by helicopters directly into battle zones and engage in heavy fighting. The term eventually becomes associated with negative images of Americans burning villages. Kennedy criticizes President Johnson's decision to resume the bombing, stating that the U. may be headed "on a road from which there is no turning back, a road that leads to catastrophe for all mankind." His comments infuriate the President.

During the hearings, Defense Secretary Mc Namara testifies that the extensive and costly U. bombing campaign in Vietnam is failing to impact North Vietnam's war making ability in South Vietnam and that nothing short of "the virtual annihilation of North Vietnam and its people" through bombing would ever succeed. With 80 percent of eligible voters participating, Nguyen Van Thieu is elected president with Nguyen Cao Ky as his vice-president, the pair winning just 35 percent of the vote. A massive long-range artillery duel then erupts between NVA and U. guns during the siege as NVA fire 42,000 rounds at the Marines while the U. responds with 281,000 rounds and B-52 air strikes to lift the siege. - A public opinion poll indicates 46 percent of Americans now believe U. military involvement in Vietnam to be a "mistake." However, most Americans also believe that the U. - The Battle of Dak To occurs in the mountainous terrain along the border of Cambodia and Laos as the U. 4th Infantry Division heads off a planned NVA attack against the Special Forces camp located there. and South Vietnamese ground attacks result in an NVA withdrawal into Laos and Cambodia. Mc Namara joins a growing list of Johnson's top aides who resigned over the war including Bill Moyers, Mc George Bundy and George Ball. The siege attracts enormous media attention back in America, with many comparisons made to the 1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu in which the French were surrounded then defeated.After the American and South Vietnamese troops leave the area, Viet Cong return and rebuild their sanctuary. Secretary-General U Thant expresses doubts that Vietnam is essential to the security of the West. Komer, a former CIA analyst, is appointed by President Johnson as deputy commander of MACV to form a new agency called Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) to pacify the population of South Vietnam.This pattern is repeated throughout the war as Americans utilize 'in-and-out' tactics in which troops arrive by helicopters, secure an area, then depart by helicopters. On this same day, during his State of the Union address before Congress, President Johnson once again declares "We will stand firm in Vietnam." - Senator J. and four South Vietnamese battalions attempting to destroy the NVA's Central Office headquarters in South Vietnam. Nearly 60 percent of rural villages in South Vietnam are now under Viet Cong control.They are limited to the destruction of the insurrection and aggression directed by North Vietnamese against the political institutions of South Vietnam." - Influential newspaper columnist Walter Lippmann lambastes President Johnson's strategy in Vietnam, stating, "Gestures, propaganda, public relations and bombing and more bombing will not work." Lippmann predicts Vietnam will divide America as combat causalities mount.- South Vietnamese Buddhists begin a violent campaign to oust Prime Minister Ky following his dismissal of a top Buddhist general. - B-52 bombers are used for the first time against North Vietnam.

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