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The singer was also asked to sign autographs during his stay at Ipswich Hospital in October.

He broke his right wrist and left elbow causing him to pull out of live shows in his Asian tour.

But six months later he insists something 'murky' was going on and has even hinted at police a cover up.

More than 40 couples braved the course which has hay bay obstacles, a punishing 15-metre climb and a 'soak zone' where spectators chuck water over the competitors.

In what may the the most un-PC sporting contest in Britain, wives held onto their husband's back as they tried to their hardest over the 380 metre route in Dorking, Surrey.

But it was in the 'soak zone' that the couple fell over, with the man filmed taking a heavy tumble back onto his partner.

I'm inside.' But just over an hour later British Transport Police declared there was no evidence of a terror attack.

He has faced repeated criticism for his tweet, after 16 people were injured in the stampede.

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