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Some of you may be saying, but Amanda, isn’t this a step in the right direction? There is literally no excuse not to get this right the first time. But few of us go into a romance strictly looking for great sex scenes.Isn’t bad coverage in mainstream media better than no coverage at all? There are so many men and women who could have been selected to write this roundup that are more qualified to speak on the genre, and, most importantly, speak on it with love and respect. Jemisin is a frequent presence in the Book Review section to discuss science fiction and fantasy. Also, commentary on great sex scenes, in my opinion, is a valid critique component when discussing romances where the sexual content is INTEGRAL to the story, as with erotica or erotic romance.I think by saying that romances coming out fall into only two categories is frankly absurd.Once more, a knowledgable romance reader would know that. And—gasp—some have women doing some pretty feminist shit like being suffragettes, posing as barristers, and disguising themselves as highwaymen similar to a Robin Hood vigilante. Do you know how many boyfriends needed a damn map for my lady parts and STILL couldn’t get it right?And I cannot tell readers enough how much reading romance novels has helped me address me own sexual needs and find ways to healthily communicate them to my partner.Can we also not position a woman, who is incredibly successful with her writing, to a man’s accomplishments as a poet? While a happily ever after is guaranteed in romance, marriage is not.Her book features a black heroine dealing with trauma and a white hero.

So often, women are shown that our sexual needs are shameful or not nearly as important as a man’s.

If two black people fall in love, I doubt they’re pointing out each others’ blackness the entire time during their courtship.

If a hero is transgender, it’s not an element that needs to be featured on every page because authors the readers forget that these characters are diverse.

Authors do not have to smack you over the face with a character’s race to somehow make them “believable” to a white audience. Also, please read this amazing thread on love by author Rebekah Weatherspoon on the need for human connection, as well as platonic and relationship love.

Regardless of race, sexuality, and the like, people experience different elements of loving and being loved.

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