Amazing race starr and dallas dating

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Then, using the tower's maintenance ladders, they had to climb from the sky deck to the top and pick up a friend.The separated couple raced against the frat boys to the Auckland Skytower knowing that the first team there would have the inside track at winning the Fast Forward."We have an emerging farm, so we do a lot of work out there, splitting wood and taking care of the horses.

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Once there, they had to successfully untie a Gordian Knot to retrieve the clue from inside.

FACE TO FACE Arriving at Mount Eden, newly dating couple Terence & Sarah opened their clue to find a Roadblock.

In it, one team member had to choose an image of a traditional tattoo seen on Maori warriors.

After a wrong turn, Terence & Sarah surrendered their lead to separated couple Ken & Tina and frat boys Andrew & Dan, but all three teams remained comfortably in front of the others.

Meanwhile, after working out some kinks in their relationship at the airport, Aja & Ty encountered another test of patience and resolve when their tire blew out.

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