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Conviction summaries are gathered from TDCJ records, court documents and news articles.These inmates are all classified as death row inmates by TDCJ, but some may be located in county jails if their case is being resentenced.

It’s an efficient way to meet people, but if it’s so good at that, shouldn’t more people be getting off the market quicker? So if women are becoming more like men, they have a ways to go, and that’s not really something we want to cheer on. You can look at that as glass half empty, glass half full.

On average, these inmates have spent 15 years, 3 months on death row.

Though 12 percent of the state's residents are black, 44 percent of death row inmates are.

In college, there’s dating going on, but there’s not a lot of seriousness or even attempt at seriousness on relationships. Once people get to their mid 20 ands 30s, it often gets more serious.

So it was figuring out what’s going on in the mating market, with an eye to how sexual technology has affected it, the advent of taking contraception, the advent of online dating, and the surge in online pornography.

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