Interethnic and interracial dating in college a longitudinal study discouraged with dating

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The results of the meta-analysis also indicated that intergroup anxiety mediated intergroup contact and prejudice as well, and repeated intergroup contact can lower individuals’ anxiety.

A number of different forms of interracial contact could reduce racial prejudice among college students: interracial friendships, interracial dating, participation in diverse student organizations, and living in diverse residential settings.

The contact hypothesis has been extended by Pettigrew [3] with a fifth key condition, .

Cross-group friendships allow for close interaction and repeated contact in a variety of settings [3,28,29,30].

Such social support allows intergroup contact situations to become more acceptable [3].

First, must exist between the members of different groups during the interaction.However, there is a debate about whether this condition is more important when people enter an interaction or during the interaction itself [3].Second, the people interacting must have must exist in society for intergroup contact.These different forms of interracial contact influenced students’ racial prejudice [16], but their relative influence has not been investigated.That is, previous quantitative research has not included all four of these cross-race interaction forms in one group of analyses to examine a fuller picture of how students’ social lives with other racial and ethnic groups can influence their prejudice levels.

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