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For example, if you are taking up employment, you need a PPS number to register with the Revenue Commissioners.However, looking for work is not a transaction with a specified body and employers should not look for your PPS number when recruiting.If your number is the same as your spouse's number but your number has a W at the end, you may need a new PPS number - see 'Phasing out of W numbers' below for more information.You can use your PPS number for: Before 2000 when some women got married they had to use the same PPS number as their husband, but with a W at the end of the number.Occasionally a PPS number may be required for a deceased person, usually when dealing with grant of probate.

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You can find a list of State agencies that use PPS numbers to identify individuals on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection's website.

Audits of PPS applications are carried out periodically and you may be asked for additional information.

If you are living in Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom and are working in the Republic of Ireland (a frontier worker) you apply for a PPS number in the normal way at a designated PPS Number Allocation Centre.

A PPS number is always 7 numbers followed by either one or two letters.

The PPS number was formerly known as the Revenue and Social Insurance () number.

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