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Rannvijay Singh and Priyanka Vohra is a couple who complement each other completely. She has very effectively adapted to her star husband’s busy schedule.Priyanka Vohra came into the limelight when she married India’s hottest male VJ and actor. There is no news or information regarding previous Priyanka Vohra boyfriend.Anusha on the other hand, has dated Karan's close friend popular VJ Rannvijay Singh in the past.He said in an interview with Zee News, "Frankly speaking, I never wanted to come under the spotlight.

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There are many pictures of the VJ’s wife online on various internet websites which shows that she has the features and the elegance comparable to that of celebrities.She has hosted many popular television shows like MTV Roadies, House of Style and more.From Mohit Rana to Ranvijay Singh, men from the Indian TV arena are slowly taking the whip in their hands to alter TRPs; all they have to do is give a glimpse of their well-chiseled bodies.My memorable moment will always remain the bike journey across Arunachal Pradesh with Raghu." Rannvijay was also part of the MTV Show Rann VJRun which featured Rannvijay, producer Anshuman Jeswal and filmmaker Rishabh Dhir, which is a 10 episode series in which Rannvijay goes to 10 different locations across the world and try Extreme Sports.Anusha Dandekar is an Indian VJ, actress, model and singer.

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