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Biography Dub Fx the street-loop-beatboxer grew up in St Kilda / Melbourne / Australia performing in various bands before hitting the world-wide road.

Dub Fx uses Roland BOSS effect & loop pedals to create sounds which when layered creates a live musical construct.

I'm trying as hard as I can to not, because I really have over-worked myself these last five years, to the point where I burnt out quite badly, like I was unable to do many shows by the end, so it's been good to build up my energy a bit.

I'm trying not to think about the touring too much though.

Meeting Sadia introduced him to the sounds of drum'n'bass, jungle and dubstep, which became his primary focus, busking on the streets with just a loop pedal station and his own voice.

And after playing bigger and bigger club and festival shows for the past couple of years, Stanford has definitely hit the point where it's no longer just about tripping people out on the street with crazy vocal work and loopy song structures.

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Or when you can live out an anarchist philosophy with your work ethic, yet still stay relevant to millions of fans who thrive in codification.Predominantly Dub Fx can be found busking through Europe with his Girlfriend the ' Flower Fairy' who also performs along side.You know you’re special when a corner of Camden market craves your presence just as badly as a Coachella lineup.“I've kind of hit a landmark, if you know what I'm saying,” explains Stanford.“I've arrived at a point where I'm not struggling so much.

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