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When barcodes do not scan correctly, the data has to be manually entered, opening up room for human error.Back to top Why can’t I just use a scanner to verify my barcodes? Just because your scanner can read the barcode does not ensure that it will be read by other scanners.Customer Satisfaction Verification guarantees a first-time scan rate.Correctly scanning barcodes will prevent fines from major retailers or production downtime.

On the Tru Check 201, we check Pharmacodes and change the setting for Pharmacode to 1. What is linear auto detect and why would I or wouldn’t I use it?Ribbon wrinkles, blown printer heads, and incorrect heat settings can cause a thermal printer to malfunction.Laser printers may be using too much or too little toner, leading to bar width growth problems.Barcode verification is designed to be predictive of scanning success and is the only way to ensure 100% scanability. Quality control A barcode not scanning correctly can have serious effects ranging from manufacturing errors to production downtime.Verification gives you feedback about your barcode production process that you can use to control the process itself.

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