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It wasn't until the following day when he was refused bail that he found out what he had signed. I bought the card in the UK to use in Dubai and I knew it was illegal'Belmonte maintains that he was given the card by a friend who has since refused to help out and make a statement to the Dubai police.

The friend had allegedly told Belmonte it was his company credit card and could be used to pay for the trip Belmonte now believes he was 'set up' by his friend who gave him a fake credit card.

Upon entering the flat, they found Zada throwing cards out the window and trying to feed cards through a shredding machine.

David Haigh, from the Detained in Dubai group, said Belmonte told them officers repeatedly asked him in Arabic where the fake card was.Eamon Zada, 35, has been put up at £150 a night Raddison Blu hotel in Marylebone since the blaze claimed 72 lives last year and police found his drugs operation when they searched his home.It has now been revealed that Zada was jailed for five years in 2009 for his role in setting up a high-tech cloning scam at flat number 53.Belmonte and his girlfriend, who his family are not identifying, had checked into the Sheraton Hotel on December 30th and used the card to pay for their room.The pair were not happy with the hotel and moved to the luxury Jumeirah Beach Hotel where rooms cost up to £500 a night.

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