Valentines just started dating

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Valentines Day is supposed to be a day of romance, but it's often a stressful time instead.Flowers are expensive and restaurants are booked solid.I think if you are taking her out then flowers or chocolates would probably be a good grab. I know, I know, some ladies just swoon over those commercial grown roses. I go with the advice of giving her a small bouquet of flowers.If you guys have already bean intimate then I don't think it would appear to come off too strong. Would be kinda neat if you already had them at the restaurant on the table when you get there? Go back and read that again and again and again and again.

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I was excited to hang out in person again once we finally got back to school toward the end of January.

Should I do anything special because of V-day like get her a box of chocolates, or would that be like coming across too strong? In a nutshell, at this stage of dating, what are most likely her expectations?

I don't want to appear to come on too strong and I don't want to disappoint her either.

But here I was in the first week of February with a cool guy, but no real clear definition of what was happening. I guess I thought that if we were a real BF/GF, I would immediately know what to buy him for Valentine’s Day. Being a college freshman, I had no means to get anywhere off campus, so since we had only been dating for officially 36 hours, I ended up with… However, despite being in the same boat as me, he somehow managed to get me candy and a card. So much for this awesome plan to be dating on Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, I didn’t like that things weren’t crystal clear. To kind of make it worse, his birthday was a couple days later, so it was like a two-for-one of personal holidays that I was totally unequipped to deal with.

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